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Simple Southern Baby Shower

This past weekend, we got to shower my dear friend, Mary.   Mary is classy, elegant and likes things simple... but don't you worry, she is fun too!   I wanted her baby shower to feel that exact same way.  In the age of Pinterest, simple just doesn't seem to happen any more. A motto of one of my favorite brands says it best ...fewer, better.  So that is what we did.  Beautiful flowers, burlap, and milk glass (which is totally my favorite and I used for my wedding), and viola...done.  

Parties with every bell and whistle can get a little over the top crazy.  The details are almost missed and the stress that it all creates is just nuts (trust me on the making you nuts part, been there, done that).  If you are hosting a shower this summer or have a birthday party coming up...remember the motto...fewer, better and pick out just a few things from that Pinterest board that you want to try.  I am totally chanting this to myself over and over for our upcoming one year old bash...or I can pretty much guarantee I will stress myself silly.  

Oh and here is one last tip, from one of our fab hostesses, who is a vet in the hosting department...slice those Pillsbury orange rolls in half and bake them in the mini muffin tins...and done!  Just like that you created the Junior League orange rolls at a fraction of the cost.  

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