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Pop a collar

Here is my little fashion tip for today...make friends with a collared shirt, because quite frankly collared shirts just make you look better.  You feel a little more put together, a little more confident, a little more polished...and as an always late, momma of littles, I will take any help I can get in that polished department.  

I actually heard this collared shirt tip from a boutique owner a few years back and I couldn't agree more.  A collar is also great for us ladies as we age...brings the eye up, gives a little umph, like a cheap face lift.  So next time you are out shopping remember collared shirts! (Maybe the guys have been on to something all along).  Oh, and while you are out shopping go ahead and invest in a few white ones.  They will never go out of style and look great all season long.  The one I have is on is major sale right now too! 


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