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Slipons for the win!

IMG_5059 (1).JPG

I picked up these slipon shoes last summer on a complete whim.  Little did I think that they would become my most worn shoe all year long.  

Why you ask, well for one I need to be able to move.  I mean like up and down the stairs, around the car, cat like reflexes in the kitchen, just your everyday mom stuff.  So cute sandals were out, and sneakers were in.  

These babies also got so much wear because of their color.  Nude, but not just any neutral, but one that matches your skin, because I my friends have some athletic legs (aka not pegs) and I needed a shoe that didn't cut off my leg.  

These are no longer available but I have linked up some options for you. 1. 2. 3. 

neutral slipons

Summer Sandal