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Summer Sandal

Ok, so I must confess I love a good designer shoe, I mean what girl doesn't? ... But my budget doesn't always feel the same way as I do.  

This summer or goodness, it was late spring,  I fell in love with the Chloe espadrille sandal.  You have probably seen it on lots of little famous footsies around the Internet or town.  But after checking it out, I knew the hubs would not be on board, and my budget would not cooperate.  

I then found out about the Mark FIsher Adalyn sandal...pretty much identical and not cheap looking at all.  

I knew I had to get my hands on them...so after waiting for my size to get in, they finally arrived a few weeks ago and I have been loving them every since.  


Something about a good lift, and my mood is lifted too.  And because the platform is huge, my feet are in no pain.  Win, win, win all around!  Oh and yes, I do have a thing for gingham.   

Pop a collar

Slipons for the win!