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Fruit and Phones

It is summer and I just LOVE fruit.  I am buying strawberries in bulk each week and we are still flying right through them...but oh my yum, they are so sweet right now! Oh and watermelon too, yes please!...But fruit is not something I just crave to eat, but also to be.

You see my major, huge, out there goal is to be a person that is filled with the fruit...joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control...but I can tell you if it is up to ME, then that way of life is not happening... 

I struggle with wanting more stuff over contentment, more friends, more clothes, more activities, more more more and my email inbox is constantly beckoning me for more! More will not fulfill me. More will not bring about the fruit of the spirit I so badly desire. 

I actually need less. A little less on my plate so I can make time to connect to the source. Through God and the Holy Spirit is the ONLY way I have a hope of developing the fruit of the Spirit. He tills the soil of my heart. (I can not garden to save my life, like kill everything in sight) but I do think you are supposed to get out there and pull weeds, water the plants, and give them some sunlight... 

I have to get with my gardener so we can pull some weeds of wanting more. I need to water my soil with the scripture and godly influences who pour back in and to just be still and bask in the sunlight of His presence. 

So I get the fruit, but where does the phone come in? 

Well last night my phone died for most of the evening and it was glorious. No scrolling just chatting with my hubs, it was refreshing and needed. I am going to work on shutting it down, so that I can get filled up with the good stuff. Leaving me time to focus on my husband, and take care of me and my heart. There was no tv, no insta, no emails, no shopping carts, just real convos, a salt bath (my fave by the way for sore muscles) and a Christ centered book to top it off! Shutting it down is change that I need to make...what about you? 



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