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Yes and NO!

Ok,  so here is a little book review from a book that hit me at just the right time in my life.  And before we get into it...let's just be in awe for a moment because, I actually finished a book!  That is like, a huge AMEN, for a magazine, look at the pictures, kind of gal.  


The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst had me at hello.  Well actually, it was the very beginning, maybe chapter one, with a Target meltdown.  And for that, I was hooked, because can't we all relate? But, it was the deeper connection that drew me in, the life lessons, that I needed to hear NOW, in my thirties, before I let my yes saying ways get me into even more of a mess.   

As someone who leans towards people pleasing and over committing, I enjoyed every minute of these Biblical lessons shared in a real life way.  I HIGHLY recommend this book to you, as well as making space in your routine to unwind, unplug and read.  Speaking of reading...here is my line up! Marriages have got to come first, and allergies because my family suffers big time, and I get so geeky into all this information.  

ALSO...Stay tuned for book club edition of Daily Faith and Fitness! 

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