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Crawling in the wilderness

Each morning I start my day with the First 5.  We are studying Numbers and the wilderness...so let's talk a minute about the wilderness.  I have yet to go camping, and honestly have no desire to check that off any kind of list.  I am borderline obsessed with day planners, and filling in my day, week and month, and in the words of my 3 year old "messes make you crazy"! ...So as you can still wandering around, waiting, feeling lost is NOT my idea of fun.

The wilderness sounds like a terrible idea to me, but it is so needed when my planning, controlled ways tend to take over. 

I l can't take credit for this next line from Wendy of the First 5 app (go get this if you haven't yet) ..."Having a plan is important to me, so wandering in the wilderness does not suit me. However it suits God. God lovingly leads me to wilderness seasons because he knows this is where I learn best " 

I think the hardest part, is when we are in the wilderness season is to not let discouragement and complaining take root in our hearts and mouths. 

Wells is currently in the process of learning to crawl...oh buddy, he is not a fan of me getting him on his tummy. He is happy to just sit and play with his toys in his little comfort zone. But as his mother, I know he needs to get stronger. It would be easy for me to just let him sit. He is content, and happy, but on his tummy he has to struggle and work. Wells doesn't know that I am preparing him for the future. I know what lies ahead. I know he needs to be pushed. I know it stinks in the moment. The same is true with our Father. He knows it is easy for us to just stay the way we are, but sometimes we may need to get on our tummies, or out in the wilderness. Sometimes we need the struggle, and yes we fuss when are going through it, but we are getting stronger. So today, if you are in the struggle, press on, keep going, God is looking ahead. He knows what you need. He loves you. 


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