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Being Present And Pretend Play

Being Present And Pretend Play

So much to say about our traditions and parties...but before all that, let me just cut to the chase...

I mean HOW darling are these??! I am kind of obsessed...because they tie in two places, making for a perfect fit, they are lined, and well let's be honest, because they are monogrammed! (But seriously https://www.instagram.com/lovebambinos/ is swimming with darling things!...ok, I will get back to the post now... 

So after my summer of reading (more on that here)....I have started to just crave being all in with the kids...and that means my phone is down, away, out of sight!!! 

The need to multitask as a woman is SOOOO strong, but ladies, it just gives a little less to all the participating parties...

so for me that meant no checking emails, or browsing things I don't need to buy, or catching up on social media, while me and my girl did our daily Pioneer Woman cooking show watching.  

This little gal LOVES to watch Pioneer Woman, ever since we read the story books, and well the ranch, the dog, and let's be real that butter just get her...so each day we have mommy/daughter snuggle time to watch.  

At first it was hard...I mean, I could go do laundry, or if I was confined to the couch, play on my phone, but I will tell you what a difference it makes to BOTH of us when I am all in.  

The side affects...they are so great...

  • some cooking tips for me! 
  • physical touch for my touch loving girl.
  • one on one no distractions time.
  • a place for conversations with just us.
  • opportunities for new words and new ways to pretend play.

So the pretend play has been great! just get out some mixing bowls and apron and I have one happy girl and did I mention MESS free! 

But if I wasn't all in, I could ask the questions from the episodes and keep the play going...Oh I want that imagination and childhood innocence to stick around as LONG as possible. 

So maybe it's not cooking shows, but find something you can be ALL in for your kiddos, or husband, or mom, or friend...but I promise you will eventually love the side affects. 

The Summer Of Books

The Summer Of Books