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A Kitchen Investment

A Kitchen Investment

Ok so I am going to talk real quick health (we will dive into all that stuff later).  It is actually a huge passion of mine! You see, I have a math/science kind of brain so learning about nutrition/health has sort of excited and filled my need of flexing my brain muscles after having kids.

Now yes, research is ever changing, but this much I know without a doubt is true....REAL is better.  Real food, real people, real relationships, real budgets...wah wah... (not the fun part, but true.)

So budgets, ours is spent mostly at the grocery store!!!! But I am going to sacrifice some designer shoes for some clean, foods any day. 

Now for the investment part...zoodles.  I love them, but my goodness they are so expensive....so enter in my new beauty, and this one is the jam (oh Ryan HATES when I talk like this, I can feel him rolling his eyes right now, haha!) 

So here is the deal...yes this one is a little more than the Amazon one (and sad but true I got mine through Goop for Nordstrom on sale, and they are all sold out now, BUT it is still available here).

Now I am singing its praises because it is EASY to use, EASY to clean and sturdy, and well just not junky. 

Oh and here is  a lunch recipe I am dying to try (I mean how cool?!)  and here is a recipe that I whipped up on whim for a super fast supper last week. 

Easy Zoodle Recipe

Organic Ground Turkey (season with salt, pepper and some Italian seasoning) 

Onions (sauted with garlic) 


Marinara Sauce 

Steamed Broccoli (from a bag thrown in at the last minute) 

Organic Cottage Cheese (thrown in at the end) 

Now, I am no chef, but clean and easy, and I am in! 






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