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He Speaks : Practice

He Speaks : Practice

Oh practice is never the most fun.  The repetition, the failure, the learning, just might be a few reasons why practice gets such a bad rap, of course as you might have guessed from the title, the Lord has opened my eyes this week to go ole practice...so let's take it back a week to all the practice talk that unfolded along the way.  

Shall we...

Eleanor and letters, oh my geez, she HATES writing.  One, because she is not perfect at it, so it frustrates her.  She refuses to practice, because she gets so mad at her outcome...(ahem, I can relate, I mean, I was the girl who learned how to ride her bike in the garage with the garage door down!, but back to the practice). 

So this week, I tried a new approach.  I told her practice was the best time to make all the mistakes, I don't care if the letter is the craziest looking thing you have ever seen, that is actually what I want.  I want all the crazies, it's practice! The perfect time to fail and to try again. 

We talked about how the really great things happen to people who fail and get back up again...That in the failing and getting back up again is where all the good things happen, where the learning takes place, and where we get stronger (and yes a little over her head, but there were a few Trolls references, to make it stick a little.)   

Now with all these practice talks happening this week, you might guess what just stuck from Sunday's sermon....yep, practice! 

So have you ever been....




beat down?


in compare mode?

Well you are in luck...or I guess I should say WE are in luck...they are the times to practice!!!

Practice the patience.

Practice the kindness.

Practice the forgiveness.

Practice the joy.

Sweet friends, how are we ever going to get GOOD at joy, and patience and kindness and goodness, and self control, and ...you know all the fruit of the spirit if we don't have opportunities to practice?! 

So let's shift our mind, shift away from the circumstances as negative, but more into the opportunity of practice.  You know, where the good stuff happens, where the learning takes place, and where we get stronger.  Oh how I want to be a gal full of joy and peace, and I'm starting to realize that those qualities will just take a little more practice.   

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