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Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule

Now I can't take full credit for a lot of my ideas, or any credit for most of them...I am really just surrounded by some fab peeps full of knowledge, or my magazine, article loving self, pays off somehow.  But that being said, kids love structure, that I DO know.  

Now for the toddler/preschool age it can be a bit tricky because they can't read.   So a picture agenda is really helpful.  

Helpful on days of LONG errand running (I promise, behavior is better when they know what is coming and when an end is in sight), and for us today, setting up a little summer routine.  ...so here is ours.


Now just ignore the special artistic work....

mommy run or walk/ kids in the stroller

mommy shower/ play in the playroom / then morning snack

activity- playdate, errands, or somewhere fun


Wells nap/Eleanor and mommy time like play dough a craft, etc. (she craves this!) 

TV show/ then books in bed (ALONE!!!) ...the rest time is for real our challenge. 

snack (when Wells wakes up) 

outside play/ mommy cooks dinner

bath/ show/ books and bed. 


Oh and make sure it is a place that they can see it and reference it! So far we are ONE day in, and it worked so nicely, I mean like not 1,000 requests for a snack or show, and just overall more play and less whine.... insert all the amen hands here.....but as always, stay tuned ;) 

Craves: The Sunnies

Craves: The Sunnies

The bandana scarf...I might be sold?!

The bandana scarf...I might be sold?!