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Kid Snacks and Eating

Kid Snacks and Eating

Kid snacks are tough.  My little people want to snack all day and would rather just forget about dinner.  So it can be tough, and I have had some trial and error with the whole getting them to eat good, real things.  

So here is a little back story for ya...

I LOVE all things health and fitness.  The science of the body, the way things work, the way God designed us, is so fascinating to me.  I guess a little granolaish if I can even say that word, as I am sporting a collared shirt, and red lipstick.  

...So when Eleanor was born, I wanted what was best for her, veggies, protein, fruit, whole, real foods.  Now I must confess, it is much easier to tell someone how to do something than to follow it exactly yourself....so this lead to me being way too strict with Eleanor (which I DON'T recommend).  It led to some major melt downs!

Then it hit me one day after a playdate at the splash pad, which ended over goldfish and cupcakes....was I causing her these crazy meltdowns?  Was I giving her food issues???! You want to talk about INTENSE mom guilt.  Oh, it was bad, calling mom in crazy tears, bad.  

You ladies know that being a girl with eating is tough, so I had to take a step back, and I mean fast.  I had to realize that goldfish are not going to kill her...although, it kinda kills, my science, obsessed mind. I mean I know what fake foods will do to ya, but I had to loosen the reigns, like ASAP so she wouldn't develop some sort of complex.  

I mean this was not a high point of my mothering, but thankfully, we are now cool with donuts, pancakes, and such (but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve).  

  • Incorporate protein with sugar.... like a high protein yogurt with a Shipley's donut is ok. We love getting this brand's yogurt sticks and throwing them in the freezer for yogurt pops, or a pancake mix that incorporates protein and is low in sugar.
  • Offering fruits and veggies every breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if they don't eat them, put them on their plate every time.  
  •  Being ok with snacks that might be from a bag.  These are my personal favorite! 

And when I can...

  • Choosing snacks that are made of  real foods, and the mini size is perfect for kids or tots.  We actually loved these bars so much we decided to make them ourselves, and bonus point...they are super simple to make.  


Ingredients: dates and cashews. 

Tools: food processor.

Throw in the pitted dates, and pulse till you have a paste.  Next, add the cashews. Now, form a sticky ball.

Roll it out, we used wax paper on top and bottom to avoid some mess.  Then cut into squares or rectangles (detailed recipe here). And done!

So there you have it, a few little, healthy snack ideas and a little lesson from the I have failed, don't follow in my footsteps, mom.  (And thank goodness, we are living and learning!) 

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