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He Speaks: Submit to Stillness

He Speaks: Submit to Stillness

Ok ladies...this right here is tough stuff...submitting to stillness.  Aren't we trained to go, go, go, more, more, more.  And don't get me started on my LOVE of having a plan.  

But the Lord has been challenging me.  Speaking for sure, just flipping back in my journal I see the words, wait, submit, be, trust, patience, lean in, sit...you catch my drift.  

You see, I want my future planned,...like yesterday.  I know we are all waiting for something, something that gets prayed to our mighty God on repeat, something that sits deep in our hearts, something that causes us doubt...so here we go... my something happens to be what is the right school for our daughter, where will we go, when will we switch schools, public vs. private, this neighborhood vs. that, where will she develop best, yada yada yada.  I spend WAY too much time in my head thinking about this.  The fret, the desire for an exact plan, the fear of the unknown is all a form of my shallow trust.   

This past week a story in the Bible just hit me hard...and a phrase too. 

So let's start with the good book.  Here is a recap of the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel.

So Hannah wanted a baby like bad! Of course her hubby's other lady could have them no problem...and she loved a good taunt on Hannah (anyone else feel like other's have it easier?) Oh my sweet friends, this is a thought I have and I must admit I have to catch myself FAST! Self pity is gross, negative, and just the devil at work.  

But back to Hannah, so no baby.  What did she do?  Cry and open her heart raw for the Lord.  Now, I am pretty sure we are good at this...but here is the KICKER! She didn't wait for her prayer to be answered before her disposition changed!!!! HUGE game changer, kick in my rear, motivation right there.  Now that my friends, that is some active trust.  Hannah was willing to accept whatever the Lord had for her at that time.  It was because of that, she could be content no matter the circumstance.  

Did y'all just read that?!! I mean A M A Z I N G! Oh how I want that for my life.  Ok in the waiting, no scratch that, positive in the waiting,  being still, submitting to God's plans, the peace of true trust.  When we submit God causes things to grow.  

So what does that mean for us...how do we do it? Pretty sure, it is a lifelong pursuit.  A daily bread kind of thing.  

You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord, forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.
— Isaiah 26: 3-4

So let's end this story of trust, and submitting, with that phrase that I ran across this week, and a prayer.  

God loves us too much to answer our prayer at any other time than the right time. 

Lord, thank you for your words, thank you for the scriptures, that they are alive, that they speak.  Thank you for Hannah and her story.  Lord thank you loving me, personally, deeply, and perfectly.  Lord, thank you for reminding me, the you will fight for me, and I only need to be still.  Father I pray for anyone reading this today, that they too will feel your peace and trust in your mighty name.   

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