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My Fast Face

This is how I paint the barn, as my PawPaw would say, and quickly I might add too, because if you know me, you know I never give myself enough time! That is another resolution in itself....but I will get back to the goods...

Tinted moisturizer// Love this one because it gives a nice little glow, is clean and has a legit spf.

Concealer// This puppy goes on top and is a MUST.  Hello tired eyes always. 

Translucent powder// This sets it all to stay, because honestly the moisturizer is not a stay all day kind. (I do wear a Chanel foundation for let's get ready for the day or nights out.)  

Eyeliner// This guy is great.  I have oily lids, the line is small, and it is easy to use. 

Mascara// This may be a brand you haven't heard of before, but it doesn't flake and I have the world's worst lashes, so if it works on me, you know it works.

and finally....

Lipstick// My thing. My love.  My pick me up on a bad day... this is my all time go to color.  Lady Danger.

ok...here is the bad news/good news...I am really trying to put real products and what not on my face, since it is the biggest organ of my body, and have you heard of the think dirty app?  This is makeup/products people...get your minds out of the gutter.  But the bad news is coming...my beloved Lady Danger, most perfect color lipstick, scored awful on the app.  So in the mean time I will be searching out some options for the perfect shade of orangey/red, and will have to report back. And if you want to just get the app and then go into shock, go right ahead.  All the great brands...not so great.  

Getting Old...Pan Presents

Getting Old...Pan Presents

New Year's Goals

New Year's Goals